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Appeal of the Head of the District Administration Печать E-mail

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Thank you for visiting the official website of the Chaplygin municipal district Administration! On our website you can learn a lot of interesting about the economy, history and culture of the Chaplygin district of Lipetsk region.

The Chaplygin district is located 85 km away from the region's center, in the northern part of Lipetsk region, in the center of European part of Russia. It is situated on the crossing of the most important highways that connect the capital of the Russian Federation with the North Caucasus.

The territory of the district occupies 1.52 thousand sq km.

The population of the district is 32.6 thousand people with 40% of the urban population. The district is divided into 23 administrative-territorial units, it contains the city of Chaplygin and 102 rural settlements.

The city of Chaplygin is the administrative and cultural center of the district. It includes an industrial complex, which consists of engineering, food-processing and light industry enterprises.
The key industry in agriculture is the plant cultivation, which development is promoted by favorable agroclimatic conditions and high soil fertility. The mineral reserves of industrial importance (feedstocks) in the district are sands, clays, the “Gorlovskoe” deposit in Urusovo village, the deposit of natural stone in Chechyory village.
The project of the Special Economic Zone of Regional Level of the Industrial and Production Type “Chaplyginskaya” is being developed on the territory of the district. SEZ RL IPT “Chaplyginskaya” was created by the decision № 168 Nov.30, 2006 of the administration of Lipetsk region and has an area of 449 ha.
The territory of SEZ is located on the lands of the municipal formation of the urban settlement of Chaplygin and it is designed for deployment of 16 enterprises from diverse industrial branches (metallurgy, petroleum refining, engineering, etc.).
Profitable geographical position of the site (direct proximity to the Moscow – Astrakhan railway, passing of the “Caspiy” M-6 highway in 16 km, proximity to the Tambov and Ryazan region borders) makes it extremely beneficial in terms of logistics and transport support.
Since January, 2007 till present only the developing of engineering infrastructure has been attracting the design and construction projects with the cost of works performed over 1 billion rubles obtained from the management company funds, the regional and district budgets and the funds of the participants of the zone.
We invite to mutually beneficial cooperation everybody who wants to implement investment projects on the territory of our district in any areas (agriculture, manufacturing, construction, commerce, tourism, etc.).
With hope for further successful cooperation, yours faithfully
N.P. Klimov, the Head of  the Chaplygin municipal district Administration

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